Separating your Frames!

Creating separation between your frame lines is an effective way to make them stand out and ultimately make them more attractive for customers. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can split it between brands, male and female frames, higher end and lower end, and children and adult frames.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change it Up

Updating the look of your practice regularly can help your space feel fresh and new. It does not have to be a big change; it can be a simple rotation of displays or seasonal decorations. Changing up your space a little bit occasionally will give your clients a feeling of stepping into the familiar, while at the same time feel like they are stepping into a dynamic space that is always moving forward.

Make it Your Own

There is no set ‘rule’ that you should follow when setting up or updating your space, this goes for how you should separate your frames as well. Each space is unique and finding what works best for you may take some experimenting and customer feedback. Where do you think the best separation for the frames is? Think about your customer base and how they want the space to look but always remember that you are the ultimate deciding factor. Don’t be afraid to put your own personal touch on your space, after all, you spend the most time there!

An often overlooked portion of the market is the frames targeted for kids and young adults. Age groups is a great way to separate out the frames in your space. While most people past the adolescent and teenage years will likely be more uniform in their desired frames, your younger clients are sometimes looking for something entirely different. Separating your frames into sections can help your clients decide and can be the difference between them walking out with a new frame and them needing some time to think about it.  

Make it Memorable

Giving your younger clients something to look at and be entertained by when coming to your office is very important. You want your office to be memorable and fun. Make it a place they go to see all the cool frames they have to choose from and don’t let it be the boring place mom or dad drags them to every once in a while. 

Make it Exciting

There are many ways to make your practice more exciting for families. Space permitting, one of the most effective ways is to create a section just for kids. With colorful and familiar displays your younger clients will be drawn to frames made just for them. We have the displays you need to make a children’s section all your own. Couple these displays with wall murals or graphics to give your space a unique look. 

Don’t Have Much Extra Space? No Problem!

Even just one kid’s themed display can give parents and kids the extra push they need to realize they really want that frame! We have a variety of stand-alone displays that can help you create an effective kids themed section without taking up a lot of your space. From signage to blackboards we can give you the displays you need to be successful.