Create your dynamic display today!

One of the current trends in retail is the application of mixed use displays throughout your space. Having mixed use displays means you don’t just have a bunch of racks lined up showing products. You have a mixture of many kinds of displays ranging from rods or frame holders to large floor-to-ceiling displays and everything in between. A great way to bring some diversity to your displays is the application of shelves. Shelves are incredibly versatile and have the ability to seamlessly blend into just about any space, while also giving you plenty of space to display frames, literature or anything else that helps your practice run.   


Shelves are one of the most versatile display surfaces you have access to in your space. They can hold just about anything and be attached on any wall or flat vertical surface. Shelves are a great way to show the personality of your space or display your products in an attractive and accessible way. Shelves can be used to compliment cabinetry, elevate your frames to eye level and help you bring attention to a specific set of frames. Shelving can also work as a great contrast to the rest of your display units if you are using a lot of rods or other similar display types. Even though shelves can be used just about anywhere be sure to not overuse the shelves in your space.       

Sometimes less is more

Not every inch of your space needs to be displaying frames. Having plenty of frames on display is important, but you don’t want to overwhelm your customers. Finding the right balance between products, promotional materials, and personal items can be a never-ending process. Stacking your shelves full of frames is good for showing a lot of inventory, but it makes it more challenging for customers to fall in love with one specific frame. Knowing when to stack a shelf with product and when to have just a simple place holder is paramount to keeping your space looking its best. Don’t be afraid to change it up and try new things constantly. Shelving gives you the opportunity to change your mind daily, use this to your advantage and put your personal touch on display.          

Don’t be afraid to make it unique

Sometimes that shelf space can be a way to show customers your personal flair and help you stand out from your competition. Having some personal art or knick-knacks can give your space the level of comfort and personality you want when your customers are browsing your products. The more comfortable they feel in your space the more likely they are to buy something and return when they need something in the future. Give your clients a way to remember your space and the positive experience they had while visiting your office. Try putting something unique on your shelves. It does not necessarily have to be optometry related. This is a great way to bring some color into your space and let your personality show. Speaking of showing, don’t let your shelves get lost in all your other displays, light it up with our new bright idea below.       

Light up your shelves with the new Indus Shelf System

The Indus is a metal framed shelf with frosted glass that features up and down facing lighting, which creates the perfect lighting environment for frames from above and below. Whether standing alone or combined with countertop display units, the Indus can provide the visual merchandising to take any space to the next level. This brand-new shelf system is the perfect addition to any space. The lit shelves are sure to help your frames get the attention they deserve. The Indus illuminates your space and gives you an elegant platform to put your best frames forward.

Sentry Locking Peg (Left) on Indus Lit Shelving System (Left & Right)

Worry about theft on shelves no longer

One of our new solutions for theft is the Sentry, which is an individual locking peg system for eyeglasses. It is designed to fit the style and aesthetic of any space while giving the user peace of mind that their frames are secure. With frame theft on the rise in recent years, the Sentry can be yet another tool in the arsenal of any savvy practice. The Sentry comes in two versatile configurations, the peg configuration and the shelf configuration. The peg configuration is used for holding frames on a wall mounted panel while the shelf configuration is great for any shelving surface present in the space. Each configuration can be unlocked with Ennco’s double sided key allowing staff to have full access to either display while only needing to carry one key.  

Overall shelving can be one of the most effective yet under-utilized displays you can put in your space. Whether it’s just a simple glass configuration or a self-lit design, shelving can give your frames the space they need to stand out. Traditionally shelves are vulnerable to theft but with the addition of The Sentry you can put your mind at ease that your frames will be protected. Shelving gives you the opportunity to show your own personality and style, take advantage!