When is the right time to upgrade or remodel your dispensary?

Today we will discuss some of the signs your practice may need an upgrade, and what you can do get that process started.

Age of your displays:

Are you displays staring to look worn out? If you can notice, so can your customers. Keeping your displays looking updated and fresh not only helps you retain customers, but it can also help you make sales. If your frame comes directly off a nice-looking display your client will know you take good care of it and it is a valuable item. If it comes off a worn out and broken display your client is less likely to think the value on the tag matches the value of the frame.  

Quality of your displays:

The quality of your displays is an important thing to consider. It’s important to have displays that compliment and allow your frames to stand out. If you have a dispensary where you want clients to browse accessibility is also important. Sometimes a simple solution is the best solution. You don’t always need the large overbearing displays to catch people’s attention. Let your frames do that! We have multiple wall panel solutions that give you a simple yet elegant and accessible display for your frames.   

View our whole line of Acrylic wall panels HERE


Break-ins can have a big impact on your yearly sales goals and are a pain to deal with. Theft deterrents and locking displays are a great way to keep your inventory safe and reduce the need to bring frames into a locked back room every night. We have some great locking solutions that can keep your frames safe and looking great.  

Number of frames you can display:

Displaying all the frame lines you want to can be the difference between making a sale and losing another client to online retailers. The number of frames you display should reflect your main client base and what lines of frames they would like to see. We can help you maximize your space with wall displays and countertop displays.  

View our portfolio HERE

If you see your displays lacking in 2 or more of these categories it might be time to consider a practice remodel. A practice remodel can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. We have multiple resources for you to start the process including a Free Dispensary layout service.

Take our design survey:

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Check out our portfolio of past projects for inspiration:   

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At Home with Ennco

Did you know Ennco can outfit your dispensary as well as your home? Anywhere you need to display, store or keep your glasses frames safe we have the solutions for you!  

Easy Access

Are you tired of looking all over for your glasses? Give them their own display in your closet, hallway, mudroom, garage and anywhere else you need eyewear! We have a multitude of options for you to choose from. Try one of our wall displays to give you easy access to your frames no matter where you need them. Our metal rods are a great way to get a lot of frames in a small amount of space. We also have countertop rotaries available.    


Along with easy access you want your frames to be organized and tidy. Do you have too many frames and nowhere to put them? Try one of our great wall or countertop items that will transform your collection of frames into a neat and organized system. These displays are great for collectors or anyone who wants to display a lot of frames in an orderly and attractive way.   

Keep them safe

Keeping your frames organized is a great way to keep them safe but not everyone needs full displays. Do you have delicate frames that need a bit of extra padding? Try one of our tray and pad options to give you the peace of mind that your frames will stay protected when you are not wearing them. We have a wide range of sizes for our trays, and two color options.  Our popular Tuxedo Tray is great for any area, big or small. Protect your frames with ultra-soft satin and felt!   

Ennco has all the displays you need to make your home the perfect place to store and display your eyewear collection. We have many style and colors to choose from, give us a call or visit our website today to see our full line of dispensary and at home products!

DESK-orate your space!

No dispensary is complete without dispensing tables and a reception desk that works for you and your staff. Your clients will likely interact with your staff more at your dispensing tables and reception desk than anywhere else in your space. Make sure they look great and work even better!

Your dispensing tables are important pieces in your optical environment. It is where you close the sale, where you get up close and personal with your customers. In addition to serving as a customer service spot, your dispensing tables and chairs should add beauty to your optical space. All of our table designs do just that. Do you prefer a sleek, tech style, a traditional wood look or something in-between? We offer several options with different leg styles, multiple tabletop shapes and a wide variety of colors. We bring a modern twist to optical dispensary design with contemporary furniture, desks, fitting tables and more. Ennco is your one stop shop for all dispensing needs – from design to build.

See All of our Dispensing Table Options Here:

Image is the driving force behind marketing of your practice, and nothing creates a professional office image more than the reception desk.  Creating the “patient experience” at the reception desk is critical, but so too is the personnel experience of those serving your clientele.  Warming and inviting to patients, structured and efficient for staff.  The combination of these two command functions require serious thought for shape, location, orientation, number of staff in the workspace, files, paper storage, wire management, electrical locations and satisfying critical ADA requirements.       

There are two thought processes used for reception desks and each has advantages and disadvantages.  The first approach is for a desk to be “built in place”.  The advantage of this type of construction is that you avoid shipping a large and significant item for your office.  Typically, your general contractor will either use a finish carpenter to “stick build” the reception face and use drywall material on the front to complete this type of construction.  Once the wall structure is formed, a local cabinet maker needs to be called to take “on site, as built dimensions” to then do drawings, produce cabinets, create templates for counters and install them into the on-site front wall.  While this process works and with an extremely simple desk might be a bit less expensive, it can create potential delays between contractor and cabinet maker as well as possible issues with dimensions since both portions were not under the control of the cabinet maker. 

The second approach to reception desks is to have the designer/manufacturer of the desk build it out completely.  In this scenario, the wall structure that would typically contain internal wire management for above and below counter electrical installation is manufactured in the same facility as the “command side” of the desk.  All the parts and pieces can be assembled onsite and still give the look of being “built in”.  The tolerances are much tighter, and the production is much more efficient than trying to build something “one off” in a building where other tradesmen might be working.  Using this approach also allows the desk to be built “semi-finished”, but still have the same benefits.  The semi-finished approach means that the face of the desk could have a “portion” or all of it left unfinished.  This allows the contractor onsite to apply stonework, tile or other finishes to the face or insets that add drama to the overall finish of the desk.  These types of finishes add significant weight in shipping and are best applied in the field.  Of course, most reception desks do not require or even warrant this type of treatment.  Most desks utilize a combination of laminate colors to give a similar effect and keep the costs to a minimum.

No matter what kind of desk you are looking for Ennco has the expertise and experience to help you get it done. Take a look of our portfolio of past jobs to see some of the spaces we have transformed through the use of our custom reception desks and other great displays. Not sure exactly what you want? Give us a call and someone from our design team would be happy to work with you! 425-883-1650 or online at Ennco.com.

Separating your Frames!

Creating separation between your frame lines is an effective way to make them stand out and ultimately make them more attractive for customers. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can split it between brands, male and female frames, higher end and lower end, and children and adult frames.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change it Up

Updating the look of your practice regularly can help your space feel fresh and new. It does not have to be a big change; it can be a simple rotation of displays or seasonal decorations. Changing up your space a little bit occasionally will give your clients a feeling of stepping into the familiar, while at the same time feel like they are stepping into a dynamic space that is always moving forward.

Make it Your Own

There is no set ‘rule’ that you should follow when setting up or updating your space, this goes for how you should separate your frames as well. Each space is unique and finding what works best for you may take some experimenting and customer feedback. Where do you think the best separation for the frames is? Think about your customer base and how they want the space to look but always remember that you are the ultimate deciding factor. Don’t be afraid to put your own personal touch on your space, after all, you spend the most time there!

An often overlooked portion of the market is the frames targeted for kids and young adults. Age groups is a great way to separate out the frames in your space. While most people past the adolescent and teenage years will likely be more uniform in their desired frames, your younger clients are sometimes looking for something entirely different. Separating your frames into sections can help your clients decide and can be the difference between them walking out with a new frame and them needing some time to think about it.  

Make it Memorable

Giving your younger clients something to look at and be entertained by when coming to your office is very important. You want your office to be memorable and fun. Make it a place they go to see all the cool frames they have to choose from and don’t let it be the boring place mom or dad drags them to every once in a while. 

Make it Exciting

There are many ways to make your practice more exciting for families. Space permitting, one of the most effective ways is to create a section just for kids. With colorful and familiar displays your younger clients will be drawn to frames made just for them. We have the displays you need to make a children’s section all your own. Couple these displays with wall murals or graphics to give your space a unique look. 

Don’t Have Much Extra Space? No Problem!

Even just one kid’s themed display can give parents and kids the extra push they need to realize they really want that frame! We have a variety of stand-alone displays that can help you create an effective kids themed section without taking up a lot of your space. From signage to blackboards we can give you the displays you need to be successful.

Things to consider when renovating or starting a new practice!

Maximizing the space that you rent or own is one of the most important things you can do to keep your practice running efficiently. Using every square inch at your disposal can be the difference between a standard year and setting your sales record. There are multiple things to consider when you are starting new or renovating an existing practice. The helpful guide below can give you some important things to think about.    

What would your clients like?

An important thing to consider when setting up or renovating a practice is the style and aesthetic of the space. You want it to be inviting but you also want to keep a professional look to it. When it comes down to it ask yourself one question: What kind of feeling do you want your customer to experience when they walk in the door? There are many styles to choose from, ranging from modern metals and greys to the classic woodgrain look. Knowing your client base becomes important in this situation because different demographics feel more comfortable in different kinds of spaces.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your practice also plays a role in what the best design for you is. You want to stand out from other buildings and practices, but you don’t want to seem like an eyesore if your store looks significantly different than all those around you. Sticking to your brand and being aware of your surroundings are important things to consider when renovating or creating a new practice. When working with a new space always consider how things will flow through your store as well as how they look. Your displays can be top-notch but if your clients cannot access them, they might as well not be there. We created our Floor Plan and Space Evaluation Package to help with that exact thing! Seeing how your space will flow before committing to your layout is a necessary step!

Making sure YOU love your space

Really one of the most important parts about the look of your practice is how much you love it and how much you enjoy it. Remember you and your staff will be spending the most time in your space, so create a space that you want to be in and you feel comfortable in. Ask yourself: What kind of optical do I want to have? There are a variety of styles and layouts to choose from, take a look at some of our latest projects for inspiration. Open styles, boutique styles, and retail specific are among the most common; but each of these can be molded and shaped into exactly what you are looking for.  

Overall, you want your space to work for you and your clients. Finding a nice balance when it comes to these topics is key to having your practice run smoothly and efficiently. If you are considering renovating your existing space or creating one from scratch, we can help you with every step of the design and build process. Give us a call today to get set up with one of our designers. 425-883-1650             

2019 Year in Review

2019 was a great year for us at Ennco. With 2020 just around the corner we wanted to take some time to look back on who and what made this year so special.

Kirkland Vision Center | Kirkland, WA | One of our 2019 design clients

A special thank you to all of our clients who made 2019 such a great year. It was a pleasure working with all of you and we look forward to helping you satisfy your design and display needs in 2020.     

New Product Launches

The Indus Lit Shelf System is a metal framed shelf with frosted glass that features up and down facing lighting, which creates the perfect lighting environment for frames from above and below. Whether standing alone or combined with countertop display units the Indus can provide the visual merchandising needed to take any space to the next level.  

Indus Shelving System on Laminate Display Panel

The Indus is outfitted with LED lights and can be manufactured to match any laminate surface to create the perfect blend of aesthetic with the rest of the space. The Indus also couples perfectly with our new locking product The Sentry individual locking peg system. 

The Sentry Individual Locking Peg System is designed to fit the style and aesthetic of any space while giving the user peace of mind that their frames are secure. With frame theft on the rise in recent years, the Sentry can be yet another tool added to the arsenal of any savvy practice. The Sentry reduces theft while still allowing clients to fall in love with the frames.       

The Sentry comes in two versatile configurations, the wall peg configuration and the shelf configuration. The wall configuration is used for holding frames on a vertical panel while the shelf configuration is great for any shelf or horizontal surface in the space. While the concept of a “wall peg” is not new to the industry, the idea of a horizontal locking mechanism such as the shelf Sentry is the first of its kind! Each configuration can be unlocked with our double-sided key allowing staff to have full access to either display while only needing to carry one key.  

Most popular products of 2019 by category

Metal Rods: The Mino is one of our most popular metal locking rods. This sleek metal rod is available in multiple sizes and is available in a locking and non-locking option.

Acrylic Rods: Our Choozable rod is one of our most versatile display types. With a variety of different colors, nasal styles, sizes and lengths the Choozable rod fits in every space. Not to mention it is very cost effective while not compromising quality.     

Trays and Pads: The Tuxedo Tray is an elegant way to display, store or present frames to a client. This beautifully manufactured display can be used in a cabinet, on a countertop, or just about anywhere else you need it.  

eyewear frame tray, eyewear display, optical tray

Countertop Display: Our most popular countertop display, the Tray Elegante! It comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit in just about any space! These displays are great for any countertop or cabinet surface you want to fill with frames.

acrylic frame riser, frame display, countertop frame display

Storage Systems: Our RX and Contact Lens Bag Storage Systems have really taken off in 2019. They are a great way to organize your patient orders and keep them all in one tidy and convenient place.

Ennco brings you the most innovative optical frame, eyewear and sunglass display systems in the market today. From single optical merchandising elements or counter or wall display, to turnkey design for retail optical stores, we always strive to provide the most efficient, well-crafted and beautiful frame display selections in the industry. Our expertise utilizes the newest materials and trends in acrylic panels, wood stylings and metal finishes. Call one of our optical designers now to see what we can offer in terms of display furnishings, and optical interior design and architectural services for your store or practice!

If you would like to see all of our products or order any of what you see here please visit our website: www.ennco.com or call 425-883-1650

Take your displays to the counterTOP!

Countertop display units come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used almost anywhere in your space and they serve many different functions. Some display frames, others display paperwork and literature, while some display little knick knacks or art pieces that give your space personality. No matter what you are using them for, countertop units are one of the best ways to maximize the space in your office.      

Types of displays: As mentioned countertop displays come in a very wide assortment. Some of the most common examples of traditional countertop units are acrylic frame risers, trays, and rotaries. Each of these displays has their own advantages and specialties that can help you maximize your space and display all of the frames you need.   

countertop displays, eyewear displays, ennco frame displays

How to effectively use these displays: Acrylic frames risers are typically used to display frames that clients are encouraged to pick up and try on. The open design makes them great for displaying frames you want your customers to see and feel. Place these in high traffic areas or where the majority of your clients walk around. The more customer that see them, the more opportunity you have to sell them. One of our most popular frame risers is the Tray Elegante because it creates an open and elevated display environment.

acrylic frame riser, frame display, countertop frame display

Trays can be used in many different ways, here are the most common. The first is just simply for displaying frames on a shelf or under a cabinet. This can be a great way to keep smaller lines of frames all in the same place for easy browsing. This can also be a great way to introduce lines of frames or types of frames to your clients. One of the other main uses is to bring specific frames to customers in your office, exam lanes, or anywhere else in your space. Bringing frames in an elegant tray vs bringing it up by hand can make all the difference when explaining the value of those frames. Customers will be much more inclined to go for the higher value pair if they see the care and consideration you put into keeping those frames in good condition. Check out all of our trays and pads here.   

eyewear frame tray, eyewear display, optical tray

Countertop rotaries are effective at helping you showcase a large number of frames in a relatively small amount of space. Having a good-looking rotary in your space is a great way to pull attention of shoppers and creates a centerpiece for the top of shelves or counters. This can help when they are trying to narrow down what kind of frame they are looking for and the style that would work best for them. See what kind of cases and rotaries we have for you.         

Where to put them: The simple answer to this is anywhere you want! Because of the versatility and typically smaller size of countertop units they can go just about anywhere in your space. Don’t be afraid to create an entire display of your own using multiple countertop units and the existing shelving in your space. Get creative when thinking about where to put them. Ask yourself: where do my customers go when they are in the office? Where do I want them to go? How can I use my existing space in combination with countertop displays to show my clients what I want them to see?

Overall the use of countertop displays can transform your space from bare shelves and empty tables to a space where every inch is maximized to sell glasses and help patients. We have many great options to help you with what we discussed above. Check out all of our countertop options on our website!

Create your dynamic display today!

One of the current trends in retail is the application of mixed use displays throughout your space. Having mixed use displays means you don’t just have a bunch of racks lined up showing products. You have a mixture of many kinds of displays ranging from rods or frame holders to large floor-to-ceiling displays and everything in between. A great way to bring some diversity to your displays is the application of shelves. Shelves are incredibly versatile and have the ability to seamlessly blend into just about any space, while also giving you plenty of space to display frames, literature or anything else that helps your practice run.   


Shelves are one of the most versatile display surfaces you have access to in your space. They can hold just about anything and be attached on any wall or flat vertical surface. Shelves are a great way to show the personality of your space or display your products in an attractive and accessible way. Shelves can be used to compliment cabinetry, elevate your frames to eye level and help you bring attention to a specific set of frames. Shelving can also work as a great contrast to the rest of your display units if you are using a lot of rods or other similar display types. Even though shelves can be used just about anywhere be sure to not overuse the shelves in your space.       

Sometimes less is more

Not every inch of your space needs to be displaying frames. Having plenty of frames on display is important, but you don’t want to overwhelm your customers. Finding the right balance between products, promotional materials, and personal items can be a never-ending process. Stacking your shelves full of frames is good for showing a lot of inventory, but it makes it more challenging for customers to fall in love with one specific frame. Knowing when to stack a shelf with product and when to have just a simple place holder is paramount to keeping your space looking its best. Don’t be afraid to change it up and try new things constantly. Shelving gives you the opportunity to change your mind daily, use this to your advantage and put your personal touch on display.          

Don’t be afraid to make it unique

Sometimes that shelf space can be a way to show customers your personal flair and help you stand out from your competition. Having some personal art or knick-knacks can give your space the level of comfort and personality you want when your customers are browsing your products. The more comfortable they feel in your space the more likely they are to buy something and return when they need something in the future. Give your clients a way to remember your space and the positive experience they had while visiting your office. Try putting something unique on your shelves. It does not necessarily have to be optometry related. This is a great way to bring some color into your space and let your personality show. Speaking of showing, don’t let your shelves get lost in all your other displays, light it up with our new bright idea below.       

Light up your shelves with the new Indus Shelf System

The Indus is a metal framed shelf with frosted glass that features up and down facing lighting, which creates the perfect lighting environment for frames from above and below. Whether standing alone or combined with countertop display units, the Indus can provide the visual merchandising to take any space to the next level. This brand-new shelf system is the perfect addition to any space. The lit shelves are sure to help your frames get the attention they deserve. The Indus illuminates your space and gives you an elegant platform to put your best frames forward.

Sentry Locking Peg (Left) on Indus Lit Shelving System (Left & Right)

Worry about theft on shelves no longer

One of our new solutions for theft is the Sentry, which is an individual locking peg system for eyeglasses. It is designed to fit the style and aesthetic of any space while giving the user peace of mind that their frames are secure. With frame theft on the rise in recent years, the Sentry can be yet another tool in the arsenal of any savvy practice. The Sentry comes in two versatile configurations, the peg configuration and the shelf configuration. The peg configuration is used for holding frames on a wall mounted panel while the shelf configuration is great for any shelving surface present in the space. Each configuration can be unlocked with Ennco’s double sided key allowing staff to have full access to either display while only needing to carry one key.  

Overall shelving can be one of the most effective yet under-utilized displays you can put in your space. Whether it’s just a simple glass configuration or a self-lit design, shelving can give your frames the space they need to stand out. Traditionally shelves are vulnerable to theft but with the addition of The Sentry you can put your mind at ease that your frames will be protected. Shelving gives you the opportunity to show your own personality and style, take advantage!     

Marketing YOUR brand.

Ennco Design Services
A great example of focusing on YOUR brand. We helped Dr. Lewis Lim (Kirkland, WA) design and build his store using his brand and not focusing on the frame manufacturers.

Visual merchandising is a huge part of selling, give your frames the kind of display they deserve. Don’t fit in with your competition, blow them out of the water! One of the best ways to stand out from other offices is to maximize your use of visual merchandising by creating and fostering your own brand.   

Although this post isn’t directly related to our displays, it is related to showcase or “displaying” YOUR brand! In this blog post we will be sharing advice on how to market YOUR brand and business, while bringing in more sales and creating a lasting and positive reputation.

Emphasis on YOUR brand

A lot of times frame companies will provide their distributors with large branded displays to showcase their frames. Think Ray-Ban… their displays are big, bright, and colorful which creates a great showcase for their frames; but as the business owner is that showcasing YOUR brand or theirs?  How are your other frames stacking up compared to the frames in the brand specific showcase? The reason we bring this up is to start the discussion around YOUR brand and YOUR business! Of course, it is great to have branded frames like Ray-Ban but give them the same energy and “presentation space” as your other frames. Giving your patients a chance to find the frames that suit them best based on the look and fit rather than the brand name and logo. Frame displays should not distract from the frames, but rather disappear to the customers eye and allow them to focus on the frames.

While this kind of branding is important it’s not the main thing you should focus on. You will always have those patients that will want a specific brand and that’s ok! A great way to provide branding without letting that brand define you is by organizing your frames by brand and each row or panel having a small descriptive sign. Something like a small logo or sign holder at the top of the display works just fine. This gives the patient direction of where to find those frames but does not sway them to a certain brand over the other.

Keeping your advertising and design layout on brand is key to marketing YOUR business as opposed to marketing someone else’s business.  

Spread the word

There are many platforms and ways to market your business it is not a one size fits all formula, but to get you started we have shared two successful ideas below.

Social Media Marketing is really booming! Try advertising your business using Facebook or similar social media platform. They even have ways to narrow your target market to only include people in your area, or a certain demographic, and many other categories. The ads are inexpensive compared to many other avenues and you are not locked into a contract. Try advertising for a few months to see if you like it

Google is another great online platform that really makes a big impact! Make sure your website it up to date and has clear and descriptive information about what you do and what sets you apart from your competition. Google has paid ad services (“Ad Words”) that allows you to bid for the top spot on a search results page, and like Facebook you can alter your target market to be a certain geographical location or demographic.

Customer Experience is key

It is a no brainer that treating your customers right is the best business advice we could give! Creating an environment where your patients feel safe and comfortable is key! Clearly label everything, organize their shopping experience, and keep a clean store. You want your brand to be associated with a positive experience, not one that is cluttered or overwhelming. Even it if it is subconscious your patients will appreciate a simple and easy visit.

A happy customer will result in more customers in the future. We are living in the age of constant information overload from online searches, where personal recommendations or 5-star reviews can be the difference between a new customer visiting your clinic or not. There are many different review sites, but Google seems to be the most widely used. Positive reviews are a great way to bring in more customers and improve your search rankings. Remember above when we mentioned Google paid ads? Well another way to bump up your rankings (without paying) is by getting positive reviews. The higher your review ranking the more Google will show your business in the search results. Encourage your customers to write reviews of their experience, the more positive reviews the better. On the flip side, unfortunately a negative review goes a lot farther than a positive review. Make sure your patients feel well taken care of and have the best experience possible.

Again, there are many different avenues and successful ways to market a business. The best thing you can do is market YOUR business and be true to YOUR brand.

The Importance of Window Shoppers!

You always want your space to be looking its best, but do you pay attention to what customers see when they are walking past and looking into your store? Do your windows show the personality of your space while also displaying some of your best frames? If not then this blog is for you. We will discuss some tips and tricks to keep your space looking fresh and give you techniques to fill some of that window space with frames. 

How do you present yourself?

‘Window Shoppers’ are customers who walk past your store and decide to go in based on how it looks from the outside. These shoppers usually stop because something catches their eye. Whether a big yellow sign for a sale or a graphic display of your products, the outside of your space is a huge opportunity to bring customers in. No matter where your space is, windows can help you draw in a crowd. If your office is in a high foot-traffic area then having the outside look great is even more important.  

Pull them in!

No matter how big or how small your windows are, they present an opportunity to pull customers into your store. What they see in the window as they walk past can either be one of the millions of things they forget that day, or it could change where they get their glasses. There are multiple different ways to make your windows work for you. One of the best ways to get people into your store is having graphic advertisements and displays in your window. Give them a sneak preview of what you have in the rest of your space, and don’t be afraid to put some of your best frames in the window. You want to draw people in, give them something exciting and beautiful to look at. Along with making it look attractive you want to give them a glimpse of what else they might see in the store. Think about your windows as a one second movie trailer for your space. What are the highlights you want to hit? What do people need to know about your space? When deciding what to put in your windows, ask yourself these important questions.

Be helpful, not invasive!

Once you have the customer in your store it is time to turn on the sales engine. Remember, this is the first time they have been in your space so give them a good first impression.  Approach them with a warm greeting and ask if there is anything they are looking for. There is a fine line between keeping your frames safe from thieves and making all your customers uncomfortable. If they say they are just browsing take a step back and let them browse. If they want help, provide it to them. Few things cause customers to leave your store faster than you standing right behind them and looking over their shoulder.   

Turn them into a customer for life! 

From the moment your customer walks into your space they will be making mental notes about what they like and what they don’t like. Sometimes they won’t even realize its happening. From how your staff treats them to how your frames are displayed, your customers take in a lot more than you would think. Not every situation is in your control. Control what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t. Establish a relationship with them. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Not only will this help you sell to them today, it also sets up future visits. Give them something to remember you by and do your best to remember something about them. Even just a simple personality trait or physical feature goes a long way in helping you remember clients.  

The way your space looks on the outside is really important to gain new walk-in customers. When someone new enters your office be sure to make them feel welcome and provide them with the information they need. Give them a great experience and you may have made a customer for life. Using these tips you will be able to effectively bring new customers into your store and keep them coming back for more!