At Home with Ennco

Did you know Ennco can outfit your dispensary as well as your home? Anywhere you need to display, store or keep your glasses frames safe we have the solutions for you!  

Easy Access

Are you tired of looking all over for your glasses? Give them their own display in your closet, hallway, mudroom, garage and anywhere else you need eyewear! We have a multitude of options for you to choose from. Try one of our wall displays to give you easy access to your frames no matter where you need them. Our metal rods are a great way to get a lot of frames in a small amount of space. We also have countertop rotaries available.    


Along with easy access you want your frames to be organized and tidy. Do you have too many frames and nowhere to put them? Try one of our great wall or countertop items that will transform your collection of frames into a neat and organized system. These displays are great for collectors or anyone who wants to display a lot of frames in an orderly and attractive way.   

Keep them safe

Keeping your frames organized is a great way to keep them safe but not everyone needs full displays. Do you have delicate frames that need a bit of extra padding? Try one of our tray and pad options to give you the peace of mind that your frames will stay protected when you are not wearing them. We have a wide range of sizes for our trays, and two color options.  Our popular Tuxedo Tray is great for any area, big or small. Protect your frames with ultra-soft satin and felt!   

Ennco has all the displays you need to make your home the perfect place to store and display your eyewear collection. We have many style and colors to choose from, give us a call or visit our website today to see our full line of dispensary and at home products!