When is the right time to upgrade or remodel your dispensary?

Today we will discuss some of the signs your practice may need an upgrade, and what you can do get that process started.

Age of your displays:

Are you displays staring to look worn out? If you can notice, so can your customers. Keeping your displays looking updated and fresh not only helps you retain customers, but it can also help you make sales. If your frame comes directly off a nice-looking display your client will know you take good care of it and it is a valuable item. If it comes off a worn out and broken display your client is less likely to think the value on the tag matches the value of the frame.  

Quality of your displays:

The quality of your displays is an important thing to consider. It’s important to have displays that compliment and allow your frames to stand out. If you have a dispensary where you want clients to browse accessibility is also important. Sometimes a simple solution is the best solution. You don’t always need the large overbearing displays to catch people’s attention. Let your frames do that! We have multiple wall panel solutions that give you a simple yet elegant and accessible display for your frames.   

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Break-ins can have a big impact on your yearly sales goals and are a pain to deal with. Theft deterrents and locking displays are a great way to keep your inventory safe and reduce the need to bring frames into a locked back room every night. We have some great locking solutions that can keep your frames safe and looking great.  

Number of frames you can display:

Displaying all the frame lines you want to can be the difference between making a sale and losing another client to online retailers. The number of frames you display should reflect your main client base and what lines of frames they would like to see. We can help you maximize your space with wall displays and countertop displays.  

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If you see your displays lacking in 2 or more of these categories it might be time to consider a practice remodel. A practice remodel can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. We have multiple resources for you to start the process including a Free Dispensary layout service.

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