Things to consider when renovating or starting a new practice!

Maximizing the space that you rent or own is one of the most important things you can do to keep your practice running efficiently. Using every square inch at your disposal can be the difference between a standard year and setting your sales record. There are multiple things to consider when you are starting new or renovating an existing practice. The helpful guide below can give you some important things to think about.    

What would your clients like?

An important thing to consider when setting up or renovating a practice is the style and aesthetic of the space. You want it to be inviting but you also want to keep a professional look to it. When it comes down to it ask yourself one question: What kind of feeling do you want your customer to experience when they walk in the door? There are many styles to choose from, ranging from modern metals and greys to the classic woodgrain look. Knowing your client base becomes important in this situation because different demographics feel more comfortable in different kinds of spaces.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your practice also plays a role in what the best design for you is. You want to stand out from other buildings and practices, but you don’t want to seem like an eyesore if your store looks significantly different than all those around you. Sticking to your brand and being aware of your surroundings are important things to consider when renovating or creating a new practice. When working with a new space always consider how things will flow through your store as well as how they look. Your displays can be top-notch but if your clients cannot access them, they might as well not be there. We created our Floor Plan and Space Evaluation Package to help with that exact thing! Seeing how your space will flow before committing to your layout is a necessary step!

Making sure YOU love your space

Really one of the most important parts about the look of your practice is how much you love it and how much you enjoy it. Remember you and your staff will be spending the most time in your space, so create a space that you want to be in and you feel comfortable in. Ask yourself: What kind of optical do I want to have? There are a variety of styles and layouts to choose from, take a look at some of our latest projects for inspiration. Open styles, boutique styles, and retail specific are among the most common; but each of these can be molded and shaped into exactly what you are looking for.  

Overall, you want your space to work for you and your clients. Finding a nice balance when it comes to these topics is key to having your practice run smoothly and efficiently. If you are considering renovating your existing space or creating one from scratch, we can help you with every step of the design and build process. Give us a call today to get set up with one of our designers. 425-883-1650