Take your displays to the counterTOP!

Countertop display units come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used almost anywhere in your space and they serve many different functions. Some display frames, others display paperwork and literature, while some display little knick knacks or art pieces that give your space personality. No matter what you are using them for, countertop units are one of the best ways to maximize the space in your office.      

Types of displays: As mentioned countertop displays come in a very wide assortment. Some of the most common examples of traditional countertop units are acrylic frame risers, trays, and rotaries. Each of these displays has their own advantages and specialties that can help you maximize your space and display all of the frames you need.   

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How to effectively use these displays: Acrylic frames risers are typically used to display frames that clients are encouraged to pick up and try on. The open design makes them great for displaying frames you want your customers to see and feel. Place these in high traffic areas or where the majority of your clients walk around. The more customer that see them, the more opportunity you have to sell them. One of our most popular frame risers is the Tray Elegante because it creates an open and elevated display environment.

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Trays can be used in many different ways, here are the most common. The first is just simply for displaying frames on a shelf or under a cabinet. This can be a great way to keep smaller lines of frames all in the same place for easy browsing. This can also be a great way to introduce lines of frames or types of frames to your clients. One of the other main uses is to bring specific frames to customers in your office, exam lanes, or anywhere else in your space. Bringing frames in an elegant tray vs bringing it up by hand can make all the difference when explaining the value of those frames. Customers will be much more inclined to go for the higher value pair if they see the care and consideration you put into keeping those frames in good condition. Check out all of our trays and pads here.   

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Countertop rotaries are effective at helping you showcase a large number of frames in a relatively small amount of space. Having a good-looking rotary in your space is a great way to pull attention of shoppers and creates a centerpiece for the top of shelves or counters. This can help when they are trying to narrow down what kind of frame they are looking for and the style that would work best for them. See what kind of cases and rotaries we have for you.         

Where to put them: The simple answer to this is anywhere you want! Because of the versatility and typically smaller size of countertop units they can go just about anywhere in your space. Don’t be afraid to create an entire display of your own using multiple countertop units and the existing shelving in your space. Get creative when thinking about where to put them. Ask yourself: where do my customers go when they are in the office? Where do I want them to go? How can I use my existing space in combination with countertop displays to show my clients what I want them to see?

Overall the use of countertop displays can transform your space from bare shelves and empty tables to a space where every inch is maximized to sell glasses and help patients. We have many great options to help you with what we discussed above. Check out all of our countertop options on our website!