The Importance of Window Shoppers!

You always want your space to be looking its best, but do you pay attention to what customers see when they are walking past and looking into your store? Do your windows show the personality of your space while also displaying some of your best frames? If not then this blog is for you. We will discuss some tips and tricks to keep your space looking fresh and give you techniques to fill some of that window space with frames. 

How do you present yourself?

‘Window Shoppers’ are customers who walk past your store and decide to go in based on how it looks from the outside. These shoppers usually stop because something catches their eye. Whether a big yellow sign for a sale or a graphic display of your products, the outside of your space is a huge opportunity to bring customers in. No matter where your space is, windows can help you draw in a crowd. If your office is in a high foot-traffic area then having the outside look great is even more important.  

Pull them in!

No matter how big or how small your windows are, they present an opportunity to pull customers into your store. What they see in the window as they walk past can either be one of the millions of things they forget that day, or it could change where they get their glasses. There are multiple different ways to make your windows work for you. One of the best ways to get people into your store is having graphic advertisements and displays in your window. Give them a sneak preview of what you have in the rest of your space, and don’t be afraid to put some of your best frames in the window. You want to draw people in, give them something exciting and beautiful to look at. Along with making it look attractive you want to give them a glimpse of what else they might see in the store. Think about your windows as a one second movie trailer for your space. What are the highlights you want to hit? What do people need to know about your space? When deciding what to put in your windows, ask yourself these important questions.

Be helpful, not invasive!

Once you have the customer in your store it is time to turn on the sales engine. Remember, this is the first time they have been in your space so give them a good first impression.  Approach them with a warm greeting and ask if there is anything they are looking for. There is a fine line between keeping your frames safe from thieves and making all your customers uncomfortable. If they say they are just browsing take a step back and let them browse. If they want help, provide it to them. Few things cause customers to leave your store faster than you standing right behind them and looking over their shoulder.   

Turn them into a customer for life! 

From the moment your customer walks into your space they will be making mental notes about what they like and what they don’t like. Sometimes they won’t even realize its happening. From how your staff treats them to how your frames are displayed, your customers take in a lot more than you would think. Not every situation is in your control. Control what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t. Establish a relationship with them. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Not only will this help you sell to them today, it also sets up future visits. Give them something to remember you by and do your best to remember something about them. Even just a simple personality trait or physical feature goes a long way in helping you remember clients.  

The way your space looks on the outside is really important to gain new walk-in customers. When someone new enters your office be sure to make them feel welcome and provide them with the information they need. Give them a great experience and you may have made a customer for life. Using these tips you will be able to effectively bring new customers into your store and keep them coming back for more!