Time to Clear the Clutter!

Spring Cleaning and Organization Tips for Your Space

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Is your space starting to feel crowded? Are those papers starting to completely eclipse your desk? It might be time for some spring cleaning! No matter what size or shape your office is the clutter of the past year seems to always have a way of piling up on you. Use some of these tips to help clean up your space and keep it looking its best.

Organize your customer pick-ups:

If your office has a high volume of patients each day, subsequently you will have a lot of pick-ups from patients who have ordered glasses and contact lenses. It becomes quite a difficult task when you have hundreds of orders to keep track of. Even if your volume is much smaller, organization is paramount. Keeping a system that is neat and tidy is incredibly important but even more important is the ability and willingness of your staff to follow the system. Devise a system that everyone can easily follow and interact with. One way to achieve this is to keep all of your orders in one place, and in a color coded or alphabetical systems that gives your staff quick and accurate access to the materials they need. Something that can help with this is an Ennco RX bag system that fits right into your cabinet. Gone are the days of looking back and forth through crowded boxes and filing cabinets. Say hello to more efficient order distribution and a simple but effective solution for your staff. 

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Ennco RX Bag System

Keep drawers and cabinets organized:

Keeping track of so many frames and lenses is a daunting task especially when they are constantly moving around. Keeping your drawers organized will not only show your professionalism, but will also let customers know you truly care about every aspect of your business. Some easy ways to keep drawers organized is through the use of Trays and Pads. These products can easily be used in almost any drawer and can simply be lifted from a drawer to go from an organization tool to a presenting tool.     

array of optical frame trays, eyewear presentation trays, sunglass storage

Countertop Space:

Your countertops can be some of your most effective advertising platforms. Customers often have to spend at least a few minutes at the front desk on their way in and on their way out. Give them something to look at that isn’t a stack of papers or an office plant. Use all of the space that you have. Countertop Displays can be a game changer when it comes to selling frames. Just one of these great compact displays can be the difference between making a sale and having your customer “find them cheaper online”. Give them a glimpse of what they could be walking out with as soon as they step through the door. Let them create a connection with that luxury frame so when it comes time to pick out a frame they already have one in mind.   

Keep your space open and easy to move around in:

Having a space where people feel comfortable and invited is important in order to create an atmosphere they want to buy products in. Even the most inviting and attractive space can suffer from crowding and a feeling of limited mobility. Give your customers the chance to move around your space and let them see all the frames you have to offer. One way to give your space an open feel is to keep walkways and areas in front of frames clear of debris and bulky furniture that aren’t helping you sell product. That grand chest of drawers or large cabinet may look nice but it is also taking up valuable space that you could be displaying frames in. Another way to keep your space feeling open and less stagnant is to have Freestanding Displays that can be easily moved. Whether they have wheels or are light and easy to lift, having versatile displays gives your space a whole new dimension. With freestanding and movable displays you can always switch up your space to fit your need that day. Need more space to dispense frames? Just move that rotary off to the corner. Having a sale on a certain type of frame? Make them front and center when your customers walk through the door.    

array of Ennco freestanding optical displays, eyewear displays, frame display systems

Always store your visible products in an organized and attractive fashion:

Something that customers crave when going into a healthcare space is the peace of mind that they will be well taken care of. They trust you with the care of their eyes, and that can be frightening for some people. Giving them peace of mind not only makes them a more pleasant patient, but also increases your chances of a return visit. Along with the professional manor of your staff, the look and organization of your space goes a long way in shaping their opinion. It’s important that customers see that you take great care of the products you are selling them. Keeping frames in a plastic bag or a cardboard box can go a long way in shaping a negative opinion your client has about a particular frame. You also don’t want to take too long to go and retrieve a frame from the back. This could give the illusion that you have to go and find it or that it was buried with the rest of the old products nobody buys.  Keeping them well organized and easily accessible shows clients that you are giving them a quality product that you have close at hand. A great way to keep frames easily accessible and organized is with one of our Frame Storage Cabinets. This cabinet is an elegant way of storing a lot of frames in a relatively small space. Another way you can be sure you are presenting those frames the best way is to use presenting trays when showing them to customers. Tuxedo Trays are a stylish yet cost effective way of presenting your frames to clients.

frame tray storage cabinet, frame storage, optical frame trays, frame organization
Ennco Frame Tray Storage Cabinet

Keeping your space clean and well organized is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your customers coming back. If you show them that you take care of all aspects of your business, no matter how small, they will be reassured the care they are getting is first-rate. Make sure your staff is set up with the right tools to provide your customers with the highest level of service possible. Always keep your space open and accessible for your clients so they feel comfortable to purchase your products. Maximize your countertop space by displaying frames and not just today’s papers or that wilted office plant. Always keep your visible inventory in something that compliments their style and elegance. From the moment your client steps through your doors they should feel calm and confident with the care they are about to receive. The look and feel of your office goes a long way in shaping their perceptions and what they will remember about their visit. Give them something to tell their friends about!