2019 Year in Review

2019 was a great year for us at Ennco. With 2020 just around the corner we wanted to take some time to look back on who and what made this year so special.

Kirkland Vision Center | Kirkland, WA | One of our 2019 design clients

A special thank you to all of our clients who made 2019 such a great year. It was a pleasure working with all of you and we look forward to helping you satisfy your design and display needs in 2020.     

New Product Launches

The Indus Lit Shelf System is a metal framed shelf with frosted glass that features up and down facing lighting, which creates the perfect lighting environment for frames from above and below. Whether standing alone or combined with countertop display units the Indus can provide the visual merchandising needed to take any space to the next level.  

Indus Shelving System on Laminate Display Panel

The Indus is outfitted with LED lights and can be manufactured to match any laminate surface to create the perfect blend of aesthetic with the rest of the space. The Indus also couples perfectly with our new locking product The Sentry individual locking peg system. 

The Sentry Individual Locking Peg System is designed to fit the style and aesthetic of any space while giving the user peace of mind that their frames are secure. With frame theft on the rise in recent years, the Sentry can be yet another tool added to the arsenal of any savvy practice. The Sentry reduces theft while still allowing clients to fall in love with the frames.       

The Sentry comes in two versatile configurations, the wall peg configuration and the shelf configuration. The wall configuration is used for holding frames on a vertical panel while the shelf configuration is great for any shelf or horizontal surface in the space. While the concept of a “wall peg” is not new to the industry, the idea of a horizontal locking mechanism such as the shelf Sentry is the first of its kind! Each configuration can be unlocked with our double-sided key allowing staff to have full access to either display while only needing to carry one key.  

Most popular products of 2019 by category

Metal Rods: The Mino is one of our most popular metal locking rods. This sleek metal rod is available in multiple sizes and is available in a locking and non-locking option.

Acrylic Rods: Our Choozable rod is one of our most versatile display types. With a variety of different colors, nasal styles, sizes and lengths the Choozable rod fits in every space. Not to mention it is very cost effective while not compromising quality.     

Trays and Pads: The Tuxedo Tray is an elegant way to display, store or present frames to a client. This beautifully manufactured display can be used in a cabinet, on a countertop, or just about anywhere else you need it.  

eyewear frame tray, eyewear display, optical tray

Countertop Display: Our most popular countertop display, the Tray Elegante! It comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit in just about any space! These displays are great for any countertop or cabinet surface you want to fill with frames.

acrylic frame riser, frame display, countertop frame display

Storage Systems: Our RX and Contact Lens Bag Storage Systems have really taken off in 2019. They are a great way to organize your patient orders and keep them all in one tidy and convenient place.

Ennco brings you the most innovative optical frame, eyewear and sunglass display systems in the market today. From single optical merchandising elements or counter or wall display, to turnkey design for retail optical stores, we always strive to provide the most efficient, well-crafted and beautiful frame display selections in the industry. Our expertise utilizes the newest materials and trends in acrylic panels, wood stylings and metal finishes. Call one of our optical designers now to see what we can offer in terms of display furnishings, and optical interior design and architectural services for your store or practice!

If you would like to see all of our products or order any of what you see here please visit our website: www.ennco.com or call 425-883-1650