Preparing Your Space for New Frames

Whether you are preparing space for frames purchased at Vision Expo or just a new line, now is a great time to do some “house cleaning”.  You know…look for all those old posters, counter cards, outdated P.O.P and handouts that have been hanging out all too long.  Who knows, you may be amazed at how much dust you find when you move them around.

A clean, neat, orderly and well-arranged space is more conducive to sales. Every space I ever visit has old and outdated materials that have stopped even being seen by the staff working the sales floor.  No need to panic, this is just human behavior. Therefore, the introduction of any new line creates a great opportunity to simply look around with a critical eye and remove “something” such that the space can stay fresh.

My suggestions for how to introduce new frame purchases:

  • Create a small space or section of your display that is specifically for “feature merchandising”.
  • Give the representative from that line the opportunity to merchandise that space and only put their merchandise there. (Make it a 30 to 60 day opportunity)
    • If there is no representative, get all the P.O.P material you can from the frame manufacturer and dress the feature area with it (as well as) lifestyle materials that relate to the eye wear.
  • Be careful to show FEWER frames than more and make the staff aware that showing or directing people to this feature area will help you determine the impact of the styles, etc.
  • When frames are easily seen and touched, get consumer reaction and base your future purchases on it. HINT…this will help with all lines.
  • Lastly (since we are a display company), you need an area that is designated for easy use as a feature area. If you need this type of merchandising area, contact us or any display company that serves our industry.  Every one of us work hard each day to dream up new ways to help sell your product for you so that you have more quality time to spend with each patient.

Remember, clean, neat, orderly, easily seen and well-presented will make your investment in new frames pay off every time.


Redmond, WA, September 26, 2017–Ennco Display Systems debuts a valuable addition to their current ecommerce website in the form of a “product configurator” with a fully functional pricing module.

Jan Ennis, President, states that “this new functionality is the tip of the iceberg for showing complex merchandising options available from the company.  Ennco has been working for over a decade to find a solution to the complex problem of allowing clients to select a basic item and then add the complications of color, frame display options, storage options, lighting options and more.  While this new capability takes us much farther than we have been in the past, we intend to push these new-found capabilities even further.”

The first products available for configuration are available for purchase in the Dispensary Furnishings section of the website. Dispensing tables and complete panel systems are the first products to roll out with the new formats. Clients may shop options and price out the dispensing tables and wall panel systems as they are made available.  Select a style, color or finish, storage style, display style, lighting style and more all on one web page.  The limiting factor for additional product roll out is the amount of time to integrate the data points for remaining products and creating vast amounts of images to help clients visualize each step of the ordering process.  Stay tuned as they continue to add more products to their ever-growing list!

About Ennco Display Systems

Ennco Display Systems is a store fixture and office design company specializing in retail optical environments.  The Company’s products and services are designed to aid both individual optical practitioners as well as non-optical retailers of eyewear in creating the most effective visual presentations.  The Company’s offerings include both architectural and product design as well as the fixture and casework solutions needed to optimize customer interest and balance practical concerns.