A Legend Retires

Ennco Display Systems, Inc. announces the retirement of Cy Furman

Redmond, WA, May 31, 2017– Ennco Display Systems, Inc. announces the retirement of designer Cy Furman after decades of service to the retail and optical industries. Cy founded and pioneered Magic Design and Visual Dynamics of San Francisco. Cy started in the retail display business, designing and furnishing displays of frameless glass showcases and units for department stores. Next, he expanded the offerings to jewelry and then discovered the optical industry in 1980 and realized that was where he wanted to focus. Even today, you can see some of his original works in stores across the country.

Jan Ennis, Ennco Display Systems, Inc. President said, “I had the great privilege and pleasure of working with Cy, along with his deceased wife Margaret and his stepdaughter Kim, for many years.  Although we were competitors for many years, we formed a relationship where Cy was teaching and I was intently learning when he joined our team at Ennco Display.  Cy was truly gifted in pulling together his vision of “THE TOTAL PACKAGE DESIGN” for each client.  The Total Package concept helped transition Ennco Display from being a supplier of specialty optical displays to a leader in complete architectural optical office design.”

While Cy is “officially” retired he is still in touch with all of us here at Ennco.  He continues encouraging and steering us with new ideas that we get to put into action.  We wish Cy all the best in this next adventure in his life.  If anyone wishes to send Cy retirement wishes, please contact us at Ennco and we will gladly pass them on.

About Ennco Display Systems

Ennco Display Systems is a store fixture and optical office design company specializing in retail optical environments.  The Company’s products and services are designed to aid both individual optical practitioners as well as “non-optical” retailers of eyewear in creating the most effective visual presentations.  The Company’s offerings include both architectural optical office design and product design as well as the fixture and casework solutions needed to create the most effective presentations.

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Wanting to Create a New Space?

Thinking about redoing your optical space? Or moving to a new space? What should the design be? Answering these questions as you work towards creating a new space can be a daunting process. Perhaps the first issue to resolve is who to approach and ask for help with the design and creation of the space. As you evaluate the various individuals and teams some of the critical questions to answer are:

  • Is this a person, or persons, I can work with?
  • Can they help me through the entire process?
  • How much will it cost just to get a design?
  • What are the hidden costs?

Taking the time to choose the right team in the beginning will be the most important decision you will make and can have the most impact.

Can I Work With YOU?

As you look for someone to work with on designing your new space it is important to remember that this will be “your” space, not the designers. You want to find and establish a team that is responsive to your needs and makes you feel that you are a part of the design, not just the occupant for someone else’s creation. Some of the things to notice as you proceed with selecting someone to work with:

  • Do they offer to come see your current space and how you work?
  • Have you seen any other spaces that they have designed? Do you feel comfortable in those spaces?
  • Are they responsive to your questions?
  • Are they equipped to help you through the entire process? Design, construction, installation, beyond.

After you choose a designer the process of creating your space on paper begins. Again, this is a process that you need to be involved in, from understanding and helping to create the flow; to having an open mind when the designer might suggest a different approach to a particular issue. If the design team asks questions, or raises issues that cause you to say “I never thought of that,” then you can have a sense that the team is thinking about “your” space and process. This is also the time when colors, finishes, displays, and furnishings should be considered and selections start to get finalized.

To Construction and Beyond

The design portion of the process is only the first phase. Now you need to satisfy the requirements of the municipality in which you are located and the building or landlord’s conditions. Depending on your location and design team there will be permit, bid, and/or construction drawings needed; the selection of a general contractor, interior designer, display manufacturer; the selection of fixtures, furnishings, and equipment, sequencing, and coordination. Again, some questions for the design team:

  • Will they produce the drawings for the permit? Bid? Construction? Do they have staff qualified to produce the documents required?
  • Will they help with the selection of a general contractor?
  • Do they have resources for selection of fixtures, lighting, flooring, seating, etc.
  • Are they ready to help with the design and layout of your display, exam rooms, lab space, etc.

If the answers to any of these questions are no, then you will have to expand your team to include those people necessary to complete the requisite parts of the project.

Wasn’t That Part of the Price?

The hidden fees and costs. I have deliberately left out any discussion about cost or budget until now. For most of us this is probably the most important issue, but it seems too often it is the one that is left out of the design discussion. So, as you re-read this post ask the question “what is the cost of this?” at each phase of the process. Incorporating this question into the process from the beginning will create a transparent atmosphere and effective process. Because everyone involved has one thing in mind – the creation of an exciting space for you.

If you are at the point of looking for a design team, or thinking about it, consider the team at Ennco Display Group. We can help with your space selection and design, are equipped to deal with permit drawings and bid sets; have connections with flooring, lighting, and seating manufacturers; and we design and build displays and casework for the optical space, exam rooms, lab, and other spaces in your optical practice.