Lighting the Way for Frames to Tell a Story- Press Release

Redmond, WA, April 24, 2017– One of the most common eyewear merchandising errors is poorly lit displays. Ennco has provided a fix to this problem with the development of their newest innovation in wall panel systems, the Delta Lit Shelf package. It utilizes hidden LED light strips to illuminate panel mounted shelves, creating the perfect lighting environment to showcase frames.

The Delta is available in two configuration styles, 3 and 4 shelf. The 3-shelf design is perfect for a space that has good overhead lighting, as it allows a seamless transition from the first shelf which will be lit by the overhead lighting into the 2 lower shelves lit by the inset LEDs. The 4-shelf option is ideal for a space with little to no overhead lighting. The top shelf is located at the full height of the wall panel and is not intended to be used for frame merchandise. The purpose of this shelf is to create a flawless lighting environment for the 3 lower shelves that display frames. The intention for the top shelf is to keep it open for a sleek look or as an additional location for marketing materials (logos, signs, or special decoration).

Dr. Jane Gan, owner of Briarwood Vision Center, recently worked with Ennco for the design out of her new optical space. The space with designed using the Delta shelf package and the feedback from Dr. Gan and her patients has been exceptional. Dr. Gan notes “The Delta shelves give us the ability to display our merchandise by brand, and helps us to tell a story behind the frames we are selling. The hidden lighting underneath the shelves make the colors of the frames really pop!”.

The Delta shelf package can be found at, and for more information about Ennco’s design services, including the Total Package, visit or call (425)883-1650.

About Ennco Display Systems

Ennco Display Systems is a store fixture and office design company specializing in retail optical environments.  The Company’s products and services are designed to aid both individual optical practitioners as well as non-optical retailers of eyewear in creating the most effective visual presentations.  The Company’s offerings include both architectural and product design as well as the fixture and casework solutions needed to optimize customer interest and balance practical concerns.


Are Your Frames Walking Away?

Theft is often a reality for the retail industry and unfortunately the optical segment is not immune to that. Every business deals with theft in their own way, ranging from taking no action to putting every frame under lock and key. In this post, we will share a few ideas on how to avoid theft, including locking displays, increased service level, and even how your floor plan can mean the difference between theft or no theft.


There are many types of locking displays, from locking rods to locking showcases, chances are if you want a locking display you can find one that fits your needs. Locking rods have become increasingly popular in recent years, and one of our most popular locking rods is the Mino. It allows your staff to unlock an entire rod in a moments time, and yet still provides a sleek minimalist look and feel.

If rods aren’t your style there are several other options including showcases, display cabinets with back lighting, or perhaps floating window displays like our new Floating Flight Boxes or the original Floating Boxes.


With locking displays access to your merchandise is then dependent on the involvement of the staff. This created the dilemma of true valuable, is it more important to have more staff or accepting more loss from theft?

Staff Service & Education

This leads into our second suggestion for avoiding theft. In their recent post, The Optical Vision Site discusses the various ways that staff can help deter theft while creating a conducive environment for sales.

Education and training can empower the staff to be more aware of customer behavior and increase their recollection of current inventory, which in turn will allow more access for customers and increased control by the staff. As each staff member becomes more familiar with inventory they will notice what customers are interested in, allowing them to tailor their sales approach. It will also become more noticeable to the staff when something has gone missing. Frequent rearrangement and refreshing of the presentation and layout of your merchandise will also help with this (check out our post about Romanticizing Your Space!).

Design and Layout

Lastly, the physical layout of the space can be a major theft deterrent as well. Having less merchandise near the exit, putting the reception desk or an optician station near the door, or even creating an exit path that takes the customer past staff members are all simple ways to reduce the likelihood of theft. A mixture of displays, such as locking rod panels or floating display boxes, offer a secure environment with maximum exposure. Placing these more secure displays in locations that are more vulnerable (like the front door) while having other displays such as open shelves in other locations can also be effective.

These ideas can be tailored specifically for your business to create a theft deterrent environment. If you would like more ideas or help with your displays, design, or space layout contact the design team at Ennco!